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Get to Know Our Team!

Our Groomers


Leslie (She/Her)

  • I play a couple of different instruments

  • I love to travel

  • I've been vegetarian for 7 years.


Nadia (She/Her)

  • I love to play the violin 

  • Baking and dancing are also two of my favourite hobbies 

  • All dogs are great! But my personal favourite breed of dog is the Rottweiler


Amy (She/Her)

  • I grew up on a farm and will always be a country girl at heart! My favorite Summer activities are hiking and dirt biking!

  • I love to express my creativity through cooking for my family and making new recipes!

  • I currently have 2 adorable fur babies of my own, a very tiny cat and a very large dog!

Our Hosts/Hostesses


Our Manager:

Tiberious (He/They)


  • I adore dogs and cats (I have 3!) and turtles the most

  • I love cooking up meats - roasts and chicken wings - just don't ask me to bake!

  • I'm a budding polyglot, I've audited university French courses and grew up in a Polish/Greek home. Currently dipping into Gaeilge!


Breanna (She/Her)


  • I play video games to destress, mostly Dragon Age

  • I love to bake many different types of cookies!

  • I have 3 pets ; a cat, dog and a snail!


Karen (She/Her)

  • I'm the Dragonmom, Karen!

  • I have been retired for 10 years but am now enjoying my new role at the Neon Dragon.

  • I fill in where needed, but mainly love to organize, clean, shop and play with the client dogs and my granddogs.

  • I also love hanging out with family and friends; especially grandkids.


Our Philosophy

Innovation    Integrity    Transparency

Nikki and Carly.jpg

The Neon Dragon is proud to bring Winnipeg a never before seen experience for you and your canine companion!  Our innovative take on canine care includes our All Breed Luxury Canine Pet Studio run by our certified stylists,  a mini and micro K9 Ultra Lounge for the safest play and Winnipeg's first Selfie Lounge for you and your pet to capture beautiful memories together!  Our mandate is to create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for your pet, not experienced in Winnipeg before.

The Neon Dragon is proudly female founded, owned and managed by Carly Odidison (She/Her) and Nikki Carruthers (She/Her); two certified veteran dog groomers with a combined experience of 21+ years in the industry. Carly specializes in doodle haircuts and has been rightly nicknamed "The Doodle Queen" by many. She holds a degree in Graphic Design and brings her unique, and creative edge to the table.

Nikki has travelled throughout North America to expand her grooming and management knowledge in the industry. She is PPGAM, CPPS certified, and holds her certification for Pet First Aid. She has competed and placed in creative grooming competitions and can create just about any look you can imagine!


Together we aim to provide the dog community of Winnipeg  a new and interactive experience with competitive pricing and exceptional attention to detail!

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