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Dragon Drop-Ins

We come to you between 12pm - 2pm or 2pm - 4pm, Wednesday - Friday.

Currently servicing Charleswood, St.James, River Heights, Crestview and Heritage Park, Tuxedo (approx. 4 mile radius from The Neon Dragon). ​

Must prebook and fill out request form.

To book please email and ask for a Dragon Drop-In Request form. One will be sent back to you!​

Now accepting pre-booked appointments.

Vaccinations must be up to date.


The Fly By

We stop in, change water/food, entertain cats/dogs/exotic animals, give potty breaks)

20 Min Fly By    $20

45 Min Fly By    $34


30 Min Walk   $25

60 Min Walk   $40


Talon Trims

Single Talon Trim & Grind      $25

10 Talon Trim & Grind Pack   $200

Additional Fly By Services

Dragon Pedicure      $33

15 Min Brush Out      $30

30 Min Brush Out     $39

Ear Pluck & Clean    $15

2 Step Dental            $14

Dragon Drop-In Policies

Appointments are available Wed-Fri 12-2pm or 2-4pm

Areas we service include: St James, Charleswood, Crestview, Silver Heights, River Heights, Tuxedo, Heritage Park

Key must be hidden somewhere accessible for the staff member to access the home

Dogs must pass behaviour assessment for walks - these are enrichment walks, not training walks.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated.

We require 24 hour notice for cancellations or you will need to pay for any drop-in services up front prior to re-booking.

Book in advance to ensure availability.

Your dog will need to be on a non-slip (martingale) collar or well fitted harness for walks. No loose equipment or flexi-leashes permitted. We will walk your dog on a slip lead if we find your equipment has any risk of slipping off.

Must fill out questionnaire we will send to your e-mail address prior to your appointment- we need to confirm your requested appointment.

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