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Small Dog Ultra Lounge

Ensuring Your Dog's Safety & Comfort

(For dogs 30lbs and under)

The Neon Dragon has two ultra lounge areas. Our micro lounge is for dogs under 11lbs. Our mini lounge is for dogs between 11lbs - 30lbs. Both areas are 100% supervised at all times by our professional and compassionate hosts/hostesses. Our guests will enjoy our non-slip, anti-microbial flooring; perfect for little feet and joints. Each area is equipped with a full wet bar, holding 6 water bowls per side. There is a designated lavatory area for both groups, to keep up potty training and mitigate unwanted mess. Full sized velvet couches are in place. ready for our guests to enjoy. All dogs permitted will be fixed, vaccinated, and pass a behavioural exam. All bookings for our Ultra Lounge must be made at least a day in advance.

Cocktail Hour

A Cocktail hour includes one hour in either Ultra Lounge

1 Cocktail Hour      $12

10 Cocktail Hours  $100

Half Day (4 Hrs)

One half day includes accommodation in either Ultra Lounge for a 4 hour time slot.

1 Half Day        $25.00 

5 Half Days      $145.00 ($23/day)

10 Half Days    $210.00 ($21/day)

15 Half Days    $285.00 ($19/day)

25 Half Days    $425.00 ($17/day)


Full Day

One full day includes 5 - 9 hours in the Ultra Lounge. Please note there is a late stay fee of $25 for dogs stay past 9pm.

1 Full Day       $35.00

5 Full Days     $170.00 ($34/day)

10 Full Days    $300.00 ($30/day)

15 Full Days    $435.00 ($29/day)

25 Full Days    $675.00 ($27/day)

Monthly Unlimited

Take advantage of our Monthly Unlimited Pass and never worry if your package will run out. Perfect for the doggy socialite!

*Valid up to 30 days after purchase



Behavioural Intro Exam (1 Hour)

All dogs must pass our 1 hour behavioral exam to determine if they are a good fit in a multi dog environment.


Dragons After Dark

Looking for a longer stay? Your pup can enjoy an extra 2 hours in our Ultra Lounge! 

(Must be pre-booked 24 hours in advance)




Party Package

(must be booked 2 weeks in advance)

Celebrate your dog's next party in extravagance! We do all the work for you so your dog and their guests can enjoy their special day!

All Party Packages include:

-Deluxe Lounge Decor with backdrops

-Social media invitation on our socials

-Customized pupcake from The Barker's Dozen

-Treatbags for all the guests

-Cake eating photos, party pics and videos of the big day

-Private photoshoot with Country Pet Photography (at an additional cost, You receive 4 professional photos. A portion of the proceeds goes to a rescue in your dog's name. Your guests are welcome to add on a photoshoot of their own at an additional cost to them)

Party Package Option 1 - $110.00

Everything minus the photoshoot by Country Pet Photography

Party Package Option 2 - $150.00

Everything including private photoshoot with Country Pet Photography

Ultra Lounge Policies

We require 24 hours advanced notice if you would like your dog to stay beyond 8pm ('til 11pm) so we can staff accordingly.


Dogs need to pass a 1 hour behaviour exam before staying in the lounge


A Half Day is 4 hours. A Full Day is anything over 4 hours - no exceptions.


No refunds on Packages.


Packages cannot be split up -Half days cannot be used together to make a full day, and vice versa


Packages never expire.


NO breakable containers of any kind will be permitted in the lounge


All Dogs must be spayed/neutered by 6 months of age.


Dogs who "mark" will wear a comfortable belly band which we provide.


ALL vaccinations must be up to date to enter the lounge - including bordetella. We accept Titre testing.


Kennel cough is always a risk in a multi-dog environment. We will not be held liable for any costs associated with vetting for any illness a dog can acquire while interacting with other dogs. We have a rigorous daily cleaning regime, have 12 shared water bowls and the dogs receive daily walks. By permitting your dog into the Ultra Lounge, you accept responsibility for any veterinary care your dog may require.

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